About the Gallery


For over forty years, we have been seeking out the finest and most interesting decorative objects, jewelry, furniture, and paintings associated with the major design movements of our century.

This includes Art Deco, Bauhaus, French 1930's and 1940's, Italian glass and furniture, mid-century American, and Contemporary Design.

Our focus is on the notable artists and designers of their periods, but we are also interested in worthy works by lesser-known artists, or even by someone unknown.

Our interest is in designs that transcend their period, and manifest an eloquent originality that sets them apart.

  The most important elements are design, workmanship, condition and authenticity.

We take pride in offering our clients the choicest examples of 20th and 21st century design.



The fine pieces that you see on our site represent only a small part of our in-depth inventory.

 Why not let us help you to either create a great collection, or find that perfect piece of jewelry, furniture, or beautiful object?

Primavera Gallery is also interested in purchasing fine pieces in every area of our interest. If you have a piece, or an entire collection that you are interested in selling, please contact us.


We are proud to have been instrumental in building a number of fine, private collections.

We have also loaned to and sold to many museums, including the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Cooper-Hewitt Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts, the Toledo Museum of Art, The Portland Museum of Art, the Taft Museum, The Los Angeles Museum of Art, the Norwest Collection, the prim_000100.jpgNational Jewelry Institute at the Forbes Galleries, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Design Museum of Helsinki, Finland, Museo degli Argenti, Palazzo Pitti, Firenze, The Bruce Museum, Greenwhich, CT, the Daytona Art Institute, The Andy Warhol Museum, the Houston Center for Contemporary Art, the Field Museum, Chicago, IL, the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, the Palo Alto Art Center, CA, the Munson William Proctor Museum in New York State, the Norton Museum in Palm Beach, Florida, the Royal Ontario Museum, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, and the Mori Arts Center Gallery, Tokyo.


Jewelry is a major part of Primavera Gallery. We are known world-wide for our fine, rare and collectible vintage, estate and period jewels spanning over 200 years of jewelry design, with pieces dating from the late 17th century up until the present. Our emphasis is on unusual signed pieces, Art Deco through the 1960 's.

We are not interested in large diamonds or masses of precious stones -- this, for us, is geology rather than jewelry. We are interested in great style, exciting design and integrity of workmanship. Our collection includes all of the major individual designers, as well as the great jewelry houses. In our spacious Chelsea gallery, we are also showing jewelry by both well-known and emerging Studio jewelers.


We also offer the work of individual contemporary jewelry designers of special merit, among them Pol Bury, Bruno Martinazzi and Andrew Grima, and we are adding interesting contemporary and studio jewelry from many talented designers working today.