Artist: Bruno Martinazzi

Period: 1960's

Bruno Martinazzi "Goldfinger" Bracelet


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Not all artists who make jewelry are successful at this endeavor – in fact, most of them are not. Bruno Martinazzi is one of the exceptions. He understands how a piece of jewelry should function, and has done much more than simply take something from a sculpture or painting and just make it small enough to wear.

This is an amazing piece in 18k gold by a great sculptor and jeweler. Bruno Martinazzi is a celebrated sculptor – several of his public works can be found in Milan, and there are several books devoted to his work, both as a sculptor and as a jeweler – he made each piece.

Much of Martinazzi’s jewelry is about the human body, especially hands and lips. The workmanship is superb, and his pieces are highly original, and hard to find. The Hand is perhaps his best known piece. The bracelet is very striking on, with subtle erotic suggestion. c1968.

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