Desny (Maison Desny)

Desny (Maison Desny)


Literature: Alistair Duncan and Audrey Friedman, “La Maison Desny” Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, Summer 1988: 86-93.

The house of Desny actually consisted of Rene Mauny, M. Desnet, the principal designer, Louis Poulain, their staff designer and their financial backer, M. Tricot. The firm is recognized for their innovative and resolutely modern objects, especially lighting fixtures that incorporated glass and chrome-plated metal; they also produced silverware, bath accessories, carpets and murals. As decorators, they would oversee every detail, including door handles and other fixtures. Their work is characterized by severe geometric forms, often dramatically juxtaposed, and strongly influenced by Cubism and Modernism. They favored plain, highly polished surfaces of chromed or nickel-plated metal.  The business was negatively affected by political events in Europe, and unfortunately, closed in 1933 when M. Desnet died. M. Mauny went on to design jewelry and opened his own jewelry boutique.

(See: Mel Byars, “Maison Desny” in The Design Encyclopedia, London: Laurence King Publishing; New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 2004.)

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