Artist: Louis DurotBio

Period: 1960's

Louis Durot Blue Polyurethane Chair


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Louis Durot was born in France in 1939. He studied engineering and organic chemistry, but was always drawn to the world of art, and had many artist friends, and actually helped form a commune called Freelane Studio. He worked with artist Francois Arnal, and through him, in 1966, he met the world famous Cesar. Durot’s knowledge of chemistry enabled him to develop a stable and permanent form of polyurethane, which Cesar then used for his famous Expansions.

Durot was also interested in working with the polyurethane that he developed, and beginning in 1968, he produced a  of exotic pieces based on carnivorous plants and unusual mushrooms.

This chair is much more structured and sculptural than most of his other work. It is also quite comfortable, and would look great with the now popular contemporary design.

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