Artist: Gensoli

Period: 1950's

Gensoli Impressive Covered Vase with Brown Enamel


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Maurice Gensoli was one of the foremost ceramicists in France in the 20th century. He worked as a designer for the famed Manufacture National de Sevres, and was made Chief of porcelain in 1925, and head of the design studio in 1928.

He did numerous important commissions, and also exquisite vases and objects. Gensoli exhibited at the major salons, and was elected Chevalier to the Legion d’ Honneur in 1952. His work is highly sought-after by collectors of porcelain and ceramics, and also by people who love beautiful objects.

This striking vase in porcelain has an elegant and unusual form influenced by the Japanese esthetic- subtle but very distinctive, with a cover formed by two cicadas. The glaze is in tones of brown, with hints of purple, and delicate silvery spots. This piece was made in 1954, probably based on an earlier vase done in the same form, but without a cover.

It is dedicated to Jean Marey, who was an important Commander in the French Army during WW2, and also fought in Algeria, where he was murdered in 1959 by rebels. 46 H x 24 W x 14 D cm.

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