Artist: Harry Emanuel

Period: Victorian

Price range: $ 5,000 - 10,000

Victorian Vintage Hummingbird Earrings


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During the Victorian era, there was a great fashion for bird taxidermy – beautiful birds were preserved and mounted in a variety of decorative ways.

We have never before, however, see this done as jewelry. The hummingbirds heads have been beautifully preserved in these earrings (with matching pendant). The colors are fresh and vibrant, with gold beaks and beautiful gold mountings. These are very rare, and they are stunning on.

These wonderful earrings were made by Harry Emanuel – 1825 – 1898. He was known for beautiful taxidermy work, and patented his technique. There are earrings and a necklace made by him in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s jewelry collection.

In case you feel squeamish – keep in mind that the birds would have passed-on anyway, and these have been wonderfully preserved for posterity – not such a bad fate for these beautiful creatures.

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