Artist: Mayodon

Period: Art Deco

Mayodon Vase with Polychrome Neo-Classical Decoration


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Jean Mayodon was among the foremost ceramicists of his time, and is famed for his use of polychrome glazes and Neo-Classical decoration. Many of his works were also influenced by the Ballets Russes, and by Isadora Duncan. Mayodon worked with the great architects and designers of the time, among them Ruhlmann, Leleu, Printz, Jallot and Porteneuve. He was named the Director of the Sevres Porcelain Manufacture in 1941.

This vase has a beautiful form, and the polychrome glazes of neo-Classical figures are done in a flowing and dramatic style, with gold accents on the handles and neck. 14″ H  9.5″ W

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