L’Orfévrerie – La Joaillerie


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While the cover of this book is rather un-preposessing the contents are fascinating, and contain quite a lot of vaulable information and images. There are treatises covering Ancient jewelry, Medaeval jewelry, Renaissance jewelry – all with lavish photos of beautiful pieces.

The book then jumps to modern times, with the chapter L’ Orfeverie Moderne de 1900 a Nos Jours – from 1900 to today, today being 1942. This section was written by Jean Fouquet, and in addition to informative texts on the subject, there are photos of important pieces by Jean Puiforcat, Tetard, Boin -Tabouret, Fouquet-Lapar, Keller, Cardeilhac and others.

The next section is about jewelry – la Bijouteris et la Joaillerie Moderne, written by Georges Fouquet, with pictures of jewels by Cartier, Raymond Templier, Georges and Jean Fouquet, Boucheron and others, with some plates in color.

Paris: Editions du Chene, 1942. Cloth binding slightly soiled and slightly warped, otherwise excellent condition.