Artist: Unsigned

Amusing Pencil Jewelry 18k in 18K Gold and Stone


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These wonderful pieces were made for us by two very talented Swiss jewelers. They are in 18k gold, and carved from various hard-stones – lapis lazuli, onyx, turquoise and white marble, and beautifully detailed to look like they have been hand-sharpened like an artist’s pencil. Perfect gift for an artist or writer.

1. Brooch in 18k gold and white marble

2. Single earrings in 18k and turquoise (single earrings can be very chic).

3. Tie bar in 18k and turquoise – can also be worn on a lapel – woman’s or man’s, or converted to a brooch.

4. Smaller black – 18k and onyx tie tack – can be converted.

5. Larger black – 18k and onyx – brooch

6. Small blue – 18k and lapis – tie tack –   ”            “