Artist: Pol Bury

Period: 1960's

Price range: $ 10,000 - 20,000

Pol Bury 18k Gold Kinetic Ring


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The famed sculptor Pol Bury is famous for his great kinetic sculptures, which move either by water or mechanical means. He was very successful in translating his ideas into jewelry, and in the 1960’s, Bury designed a series of rings, brooches and bracelets, all with moving elements. This jewelry is highly collectible, and is now quite scarce. Many of these were done in small editions, and this ring is unique. The rimmed disk encloses little rods that move.

Note: in the 1990’s Pol Bury worked with an Italian jeweler to do re-editions of some of his pieces, and added a new twist by doing some of the pieces with silver or white gold elements. It is possible to tell the difference – the earlier pieces were made in France, and have French hallmarks. The later pieces were made in Italy, and have Italian marks.





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